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Jul 21, 2012 3:00am PDT
helmet. >> the shooting suspect confirmed as 24-year-old james holmes. >> 24-year-old james holmes allegedly walked into the midnight showing of "dark knight." >> came in through the exit according to an iwitness. >> threw a gas canister in the crowd. >> and then opened fire. >> used an ak 15 within the theater a shotgun and a .40 caliber glock. >> saw people outside the theater, faces covered in blood. >> he was shooting people behind me and i had, like, gun shells just falling on my head. >> police confirmed the apartment where the suspect lived appeared to be boobytrapped. >> the apartment is boobytrapped with various incendiary and chemical devices and apparent trip wires. >> we heard nothing about what the apparent motive is, why he did this. >> we are being as cautious as possible with the investigation as we move forward. >>> we are back live in aurora and the question everyone is asking at this hour is, why? what is the motive? if police know one they aren't saying. we do know that earlier today the ten bodies still inside that theater started to be removed. we are expectin
Jul 21, 2012 6:00am EDT
eagan holmes, into custody without incident outside that same emergency exit. authorities searched his car, which was located just outside. they confirmed that they recovered four guns. three that he had with him, apparently, inside the theater, one from the car. they were a remington model 890 single daryl, 12 gauge shotgun, two hand glock guns and an air-type rifle often referred to as an assault rifle. we also learned all of these guns were purchased within the last two months. the most recent just a couple of weeks ago, all of them were purchased legally. now, letsds ta's take a look wh know about this suspect. police tell nbc news that james eagan holmes it dyed his hair, kind of an orangish-red and identify as the joker, of course, one of batman's nemesises. holmes is 24 years old originally from san diego. a ph.d. student at the university of colorado in denver and described as a brilliant science student. the university says he enrolled in june of last year, but was in the process of withdrawing from the neuroscience graduate program. after his arrest, he actually told police t
Jul 24, 2012 4:00am EDT
, james holmes did not materialize in a movie theater in aurora free of any relationship to law and authority and the structures of power in this country, nor did he exit those relationships and structures by murdering 12 people and injuring several dozen more. before he entered the theater, he purchased guns whether legally or illegally under a framework of laws and regulations governed and negotiated by politics. in the parking lot outside, he was arrested by a police force whose salaries, equipment, and rights were shaped and determined by politics. you cannot politicize a tragedy because a tragedy is already political. when you talk about the tragedy, you're already talking about politics. but for all that, we must be careful when a specific tragedy or event leads to a broad national conversation. the thing about a horror like aurora, the reason the whole country is talking about it and grieving over it, is that it is unusual. it is rare. and as such, it is dangerous to generalize from it. so tonight on "the rachel maddow show," we're going to try to step back a moment. it w
Jul 24, 2012 1:00am PDT
holmes had what is called a first advisement this morning. he sat with one of his court apointed attorneys. reporters in the courtroom said his lawyer shielded him from victims of the shooting and the relatives who had come for the hearing. he is not expected to be charged formally in the case until next week. the trial itself could be as much as a year away. prosecutors say the man stormed into a midnight premiere of the new batman movie last week in the city of aurora. he came in with tear gas and guns and wearing enough protective gear that police almost reportedly mistook him for one of their own. though officers arrived in two minutes, he managed to kill 12 people and wound 58 others. he was armed with a pair of glock handguns, a 12-gauge shotgun, and an ar-15 assault rifle. all appear to have been purchased legally. law enforcement in colorado said he had stockpiled bullets before the massacre. he stored up 6,000 rounds buying from ammunition suppliers online. the list includes 3,000 rounds for handguns, 3,000 for the assault rifle, and 350 shells for the shotgun. just like
Jul 20, 2012 1:00am PDT
not interested in having d.c. vote on things affecting d.c. yesterday, though she cannot vote, eleanor holmes norton ask her statement be included in the record. "republicans dare not take on the women of this country with a post-20-week ban on abortions. instead, the majority has chosen a cheap and cynical way." joining us now, eleanor holmes norton, congresswoman norton, nobody gets to vote on this show, but if there were, you'd have full voting rights here. great to have you here. >> thank you, rachel. >> you make the argument republicans would dare not try an abortion ban like this nationwide where people had voting representatives. why do you think that is and why do you think they've singled out d.c.? >> very important, rachel. if you think they are coming after district of columbia, sure, because that's the easiest thing to do, but their interest is really not in the district of columbia. this 20-week abortion ban, they've marched through nine conservative states, then it occurred we need a federal, what's the easiest way to get it? they didn't dare get in the face of american women. t
Jul 25, 2012 4:00am EDT
to begin this morning with final good-byes -- as colorado shooting suspect james holmes sits in solitary confinement this morning, relatives of those killed in last friday's theater massacre have begun the grim task of planning their funerals, with the first one being held today. nbc's jay gray reports from aurora. >> reporter: the focus in aurora today turned back to the suspect's apartment. prosecutors and james holmes' state-appointed defenders getting their first look inside. while at the crime scene, a chain-link fence went up around the theater. as mourners in the grieving city search for some kind of comfort in the wake of the tragedy. >> it's a feeling of sadness. and such loss. such loss for all the families. >> reporter: families like the thieves. >> he was one of the best sons that any man could have. and i've been honored to know him. >> reporter: when the shooting started, 24-year-old alex theves threw his mom and girlfriend
Jul 26, 2012 4:00am EDT
lives. law enforcement officials say james holmes mailed a package to the school he attended containing detailed writings about killing people. nbc's jed gray has details. >> reporter: federal agents tell nbc news james holmes told them where to find key in evidence the case. the former neuroscience graduate student apparently told investigators about a package he had sent to the university of colorado's medical campus in aurora. police found that package on monday unopened in the school's mail room. inside they discovered what's described as handwritten details about killing people. as the investigation continues, so does the mourning here. >> i'm overwhelmed by the tragedy of all of this and the senselessness of all of it. i mean, good people taken. >> reporter: people like 51-year-old gordon cowden, the oldest victim of the massacre took his two teenage daughters to the movie. they su
Jul 20, 2012 9:00pm EDT
suspect has been confirmed as 24-year-old james holmes. >> james holmes walked into the midnight showing. >> he came in the exit. >> threw down a gas canister and started shooting into the crowd. >> threw that gas canister and opened fire. >> he used the ar-15 within the theater, the shotgun within the theater and a 40 caliber glock. >> everyone tried to run for the exit at the top of the theater. >> people outside the theater, faces covered in blood. >> he was shooting people behind me and i had like gun shells, you know, just falling on my head. >> police confirm the apartment where the suspect lives appears to be rigged with explosive material. >> our investigation determined that his apartment is booby trapped with chemical
Jul 30, 2012 6:00pm PDT
to have a voice. >> t.j. holmes, thank so much, my friend. >> that's "the ed show." i'm michael eric dyson in for ed schultz. "rachel maddow show" starts now. welcome back and good evening, rachel. >> thanks, michael. nice to see you. thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. it is honestly great to be back. first lady michelle obama has been attending the olympics in london. all this past weekend long, and that has led to some rather amazing photo ops. this is first lady michelle obama at a let's move exercise session that she held with local kids and u.s. service members' kids in london before the opening ceremonies last week. there she is at the same event with british soccer star the very handsome david beckham. here is michelle obama giving a preolympics pep talk to women's basketball team. this was kind of a stunning moment. upon meeting the u.s. wrestling team, the american wrestler asked first lady michelle obama if she could please pick her up. i'm guessing from the picture that the first lady answered in the affirmative and this history-making photo op was born
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)